woensdag 25 maart 2009

Google Moderator: participation tool made its way to white house

Another freebie (in Beta of course, noblesse oblige) made by the Google house: Google Moderator. It's a simple, yet effective way to let readers, customers or citizens have their say about a topic you suggest. It works twofold: it enables customers to formulate an opinion, and to vote for an opinion. Result: the most popular opinions come ahead of the rest, often well-formulated.

It stresses the point that participation must not be censored, but channelled: popular fora on newssites like www.hln.be are often crowded with people who are kean on expressing their very explicit, extreme shouts and opinions, overshadowing the majority of opinions, and not letting much room for debate.

Meanwhile, if you want to have a look how the Obama administration is using Google Moderator, have a look for yourself on the 'open for questions'-section on the white house website.

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